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White, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal, anti-oppression, disabled queer man. Writer, editor, glass cannon. Love child of Rob Swanson and Bobby Singer. Found on Twitter and Tumblr.

About The Lensman:

The Lensman Grey pseudonym developed as an offshoot of my Wintergrey pseud. Created as a fandom/writing pseudonym, Evith Wintergrey didn’t stay that way for long as I seem to be unable to keep myself out of trouble. I broke off into Lensman Grey—named after the famous E.E. “Doc” Smith series—because it seemed inappropriate to be interspersing conversations about social justice with “hey, look, I wrote fanfic!”. I love fanfic but, you know, a place for everything and everything in its place. This place is deliberately offset from my personal blog at the moment, that’s not likely to change. My personal blog is just that—personal. No one is required to engage fully and at all times.

Extended (Sorta) Bio:

  • b. 1969, male, inveterate queer
  • Canadian (Southern Ontario)
  • married, one child
  • two dogs, one snake
  • day job: writer
  • second job: writer
  • recreation: writing… video games, fitness, cooking, textile arts, languages, rpgs & board games.